Buffy top moments all over again 16

A New Man S4 - Demon Giles jagar Maggie Walsh nedfor gatan.

The I In Team S4 - Buffys halsning till Maggie Walsh.

"Hello, Professor Walsh.
That simple little recon you asked me
to do? Wasn't a raccoon. Turns out
it was me trapped in a sewer with a
faulty weapon and two of your pet
demons on my hands. If you think
that's enough to kill me you really
don't know what a slayer is. Trust
me when I say you're gonna find out."

Goodbye Iowa S4 - Buffy i sin sushi pyjamas.

This Years Girl S4 - Faiths drom.

Who Are You S4 - Faith (i Buffys kropp) gor en massa miner framfor spegeln och hanar Buffy.


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